Cemetery Faced with Allegations of Sexual Harassment

HAYWARD, CA – The East Bay cemetery Chapel of the Chimes is being sued by a sales associate who alleges that her boss stared at her in a sexual way, constantly asked hour out to lunch and made her clean his office once while he watched, among other things.

There are at least two interesting things about the allegations. First, there are no direct and clear allegations of an offensive touching or vulgar language, which is so often the case. The second fact of interest is that the plaintiff allegedly still works at the company.

Defense counsel will want to focus on a few things at the outset. First, the complaint does allege that the supervisor warned plaintiff against reporting him, which is a bad fact if true. Counsel will want to meet with the supervisor in person and assess his character in asking about this allegation. Second, there are allegations that an internal report was made to HR that went nowhere. This is also a very bad fact, if true, that needs to be immediately explored. This case may also warrant a call to plaintiff’s counsel to see what the ask is. Plaintiff is still working and may be satisfied with a transfer.

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