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Oakland Coffee Companies Fight; Blue Bottle Named in RICO Action

U.S.D.C. Nor. Cal. – A 59 page complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California tells the tale of a coffee scandal involving famed Blue Bottle Coffee. Plaintiff Mocha Mill, an Oakland company, alleges that its CEO conspired with competitor Port of Mokha to steal Mocha Mill’s product and distribution relationships.

According to the complaint, Mocha Mill spent thousands of dollars sending its CEO on extended educational trips around the world, forming relationships with Yemeni farmers and refining the processes to make Yemeni coffee. Mocha Mill alleges these efforts were successful in creating a new buzz for the product.

As soon as the CEO realized that they were on the right track, it is alleged that he shopped it for himself, including conspiring with Port of Mokha and distributor Blue Bottle, to convince unwitting Mocha Mill investors that their product had no value.

This will be an interesting case for Judge Laurel Beeler, one of the better judges on the N.D.Cal. roster.

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