Defect Disclosure

Adamas Builders Alleged to Have Concealed Work Without Permits in Sale of $7 Million Russian Hill Property

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Buyers of a $7 million dollar home in Russian Hill are suing the sellers, developers Andrew Broughton and Tony DiGiorgio of Adamas Builders, alleging they were deceived in the transaction.

The complaint alleges that the developers represented that all remodel work was done with permits and no other major issues were present. Shortly after the close of escrow though, the new buyers claim to have learned that there was a Notice of Violation issued because the work was not permitted. The complaint alleges that building plans provided to the plaintiff-buyers prior to the close of escrow were different from building plans approved by the City.

The developers are alleged to have installed interior walls and make other corrections to abate the violation(s) and, in so doing, have gutted the character of the home. Plaintiffs seek rescission of the purchase and sale agreement, among other damages.

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