Wage and Hour

MetLife Alleged to Be Misclassifying Financial Services Representatives

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Lawyers in San Diego, Oakland and San Mateo have joined forces to file a class action alleging Metlife misclassifies financial service representatives as independent contractors. The suit seeks reimbursement of deductions from paychecks and reimbursement of expenses, among other things.

For decades, the insurance industry has classified workers as independent contractors. Agents and district managers have sued and, at least in some instances, have little to show for it.

Misclassification is the wage and hour case du jour. While insurance agents and/or there financial services counterparts are going to be controlled to some degree by the company, their cases don’t fly.

Though it’s not clear why the cases don’t make it, it may be for a reason the court is not keen to admit. In short, the equities are not there. Wage and hour laws are meant to protect the downtrodden. The original case outlining the control test involved sharecroppers. When professionals claim misclassification, the story loses its luster. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

This blog reports on cases filed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. The statements made are  based on the allegations in court-filed documents. Allegations are just accusations, and may or may not be true.
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