Bipolar Disorder Continues to Present a Challenge for Employers

OAKLAND, CA – In December, Kaiser was sued by a former employee who alleges that she suffers from bipolar disorder and was terminated after doing bad things during a psychotic episode, including threatening her supervisor.

Bipolar disorder presents a real challenge for employers, large and small. The conflict between doing the right thing for the individual and what’s right for the business is especially intense for smaller businesses in an inferior position to a business like Kaiser to accommodate absences and outbursts. In many cases, the company’s other employees are victims of the behavior, and threaten to quit.

There are cases in California that discuss when and how employers should approach the issue. Employers are advised to contact counsel before demoting or firing an employee whom they know to struggle with this very serious disease.

This blog reports on cases filed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. The statements made are based on the allegations in court-filed documents. Allegations are just accusations, and may or may not be true.
The authors of the blog are attorneys at the San Francisco litigation firm, Wood Robbins, LLP. If you have a legal issue, send them an email. If they cannot help you, they will try and point you in the right direction.

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